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Our Adults

SunKissed Goldenz adults used in our breeding program.


  • Max



    Max is AKC Registered English Cream Retriever. He is our gentle giant with an "ole soul". He is beautiful, intelligent and the most well mannered Golden we've ever had. Max has a large muscular build with a nice blocky head and a beautiful white coat. His athletic ability and agility is impressive for his size.  Max is a major fan of playing with tennis ball and swimming.

    DOB: 12/12/2017

    Weight: 89 lbs

  • Bourbon


    Bourbon is imported from Ukraine from the Navilis Golden Retriever FCI Kennel. He comes from a long line of champion bloodlines.  Bourbon joined our family January 2021. He has a heart of gold and the most affectionate. He is confident, curious, outgoing and loves to play in the water. If he is not playing in the water he is looking for something to fetch. He is such a joy and has brought lots of love to our family. 

    DOB: 09/08/2020

    Weight: 90 lbs


  • Eva



    Eva is an English Cream Retriever imported from Ukraine as a puppy. Her line has an A rating in medical clearances, and both AKC and European registrations. Eva is little smaller in stature with the classic head structure. She's sweet, kind-hearted and gentle and she loves to be with people. Her favorite spot is by your side.  Eva  has produced some of the most beautiful puppies we've seen. Her super sweet nature makes her a wonderful mother and companion.

    DOB: 11/11/2017

    Weight: 65 lbs

  • Zlata


    Zlata is  English Cream Retriever, we imported from Ukraine. Her line has an A rating in medical clearances, and both AKC and European registrations.  She is a cousin to Eva.  Zlata has an athletic build and is little smaller in stature with the classic head structure that everyone looks for. She is beautiful, smart, sweet temperament. Zlata is the natural born leader and a very loyal companion with a never-ending desire to please. 

    DOB: 04/15/2018

    Weight: 65 lbs

  • Odessa


    Odessa is the daughter of Max and Zlata. She is a very easy going and lovable dog. She is very laid back and pleasant with strangers, but she is also very loyal and partial to her family and her mother Zlata’. Odessa is the easiest dog. She loves attention as much as our other goldens, she is the least pushy to get it. If the other dogs are getting petted by one person in our family, she will go see if she can get some petting from another person rather than competing with the pack. 
    We absolutely love her laid back, but fun nature. 

    DOB: 08/12/2020

    Weight: 70 lbs

  • Kali


    Kali is a daughter of Eva and Max. Kali has the sweetest personality very loyal and always by my side. She is always excited to see you. She is an intelligent and confident girl.She loves hanging out with the family and her Mother (Eva). Kali has a very beautiful white coat.

    DOB: 03/02/2021

    Weight: 65 lbs